Akeyulerre Healing Centre

Interrentye Traditional Healing Products are made and sold by the Akeyulerre Healing Centre, based in Alice Springs.

“The members of Akeyulerre have expertise in cultural practices of health and well being, cultural brokerage, language interpretation and Aboriginal Health Work. Most importantly they have cultural authority and place within their community. Community leaders have come together to affirm the importance of Akeyulerre as a place through which their children and their families can become healthy and strong through reconnection with land and culture.

We have the oldest living culture in the world.

We also have the most serious health and social issues in this country. Our children suffer from diseases of the third world, our families pass away too much, there is too much grog and fighting. There are too many funerals and too much sadness. Too many of our families are poor and too many of our young kids are losing their way. These kids want a strong future and we want them to have a strong future.
Akeyulerre community
Lots of people have tried lots of things to help our mob, but they forget to ask us what we know. We have answers and knowledge. We have worked out ways of looking after each other and the land and we have done this for over 40,000 years. Our culture is still strong and this place, Akeyulerre is the place where we can help our people our way. We gain strength from practicing our culture in the old way.

We use our medicines and our doctors – from the bush. We use our dance, song, ceremony, family and our law to build strength – so that young people know where they belong and our great knowledge does not disappear. We have made a place where families can sit down together, share culture, stories and laugh with their kids – a place where we sit down and it is not a funeral – it is a place where we can get strong again together. We don’t want our kids to die young, poor and lost. We want them to be proud, strong, and know that they can change how things are – and build a different future – where we are all respected.”


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